2019/11/30ALBO, 1519-11-30

Wednesday, 30 of said [month], I measured [the height of] the Sun at 76o with a declination of 22o 59’, and the height of the pole [latitude, separation from the equator] was 8o 59’ [With the quadrant or astrolabe, at midday, one takes the angle formed by the ray of sunshine that passes through two apertures or openings in the astrolabe's needle, graduated with the horizontal line of the ray's same vertical plane (76o). On the other hand, tables show the solar declination of each one of the 365 days of the year, with a value between +23o27’ and -23o27’ (solstices), reaching 0o twice (the equator, equinoxes). The latitude of a terrestrial point, or angle formed by the line that passes through that point and the centre of the earth, or the centre of the equatorial circle, with vertical projection of the same line on said circle, is equal to 90o + ang. Declination (table, 22o 59’) ang. Height of Sun (76o) = 8o 59’ = 8o 59’ southern lat.], and the course was toward the South-Southwest.